A new day

It is currently 7:14 am im sitting in bed with back to a roaring fire and a cup of delicious coffee in my hand thanks to my gorgeous man. I was thinking what I wanted to write about how often and what format to make the posts in. no decisions made yet 

Today I thought I would introduce our little family. So to begin with there is Harry. He grew up in a village in rural Punjab in India but came to Australia to study social work (which he hated and finished earlier this year) two years ago. I met him when he was doing his placement in my Mum’s office and then next thing we know we are living in the country together with chooks and a puppy.

The small drunk one

Our puppy Lexi is a maremma livestock guardian dog, bought for the idea of her being a guardian to our chooks. She was quiet at first but now she is becoming exceedingly more like a drunken polar bear every day. She is adorable and intelligent and incredibly cheeky.


The motely crew

The other part of our family is a bunch of chooks. A motley crew of mainly juvenile roosters who were the result of someone’s experimentation with breeding who we got for $60 from gumtree.




I will include separate posts about the story so far with both chooks and our fluffy little puppy as both the stories are worth sharing, but for now that’s everyone introduced and i need to get up out of my warm bed and give everyone their breakfast.

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