The Beginning

Well actually the beginning started a long time ago… but this is the begging of me writing about it.

I grew up in a community which believed the economic world was going to come crashing down in 1989. Turns out they were wrong about the date but maybe not about the eventual outcome. who knows.

We lived in a community on a property in the Adelaide Hills. the aim was for self-sufficiency, for non-reliance on services provided by the wider economic world. With hindsight this was not really either necessary or possible but still…   a noble goal. 

Now after a few brief adventures in the wide world I’m back and with my partner we are striving to breathe life into the old dream of living with the land.

I understand that we aren’t instantly going to be able to grow every vegetable that passes our lips or produce every dairy product either. I understand things won’t always go as planned but I think its going to be fun finding out.

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