baby chicks :)

My husband has been going chicken crazy for a while now. literally a broody man. He bought an incubator and some fertile eggs and has been researching chicken breeding genetics and anything else chicken related. For Christmas he received only one non-chicken related gift, a worm farm from me and even then his first thought was they would make great protein for the chooks. The up side of this means we have a gorgeous batch of teeney tiny chookies around us.

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No more crafty madness (for now)

So now that the last craft market is a week behind me I have been given a lot more time to just be with myself and think. It was a reality hit. I have been both very sad and very happy in the past week.

I had a scan to check on my bizarre ovary mass which they are now calling a cyst and wanted to take out. After waiting for 45 min in the waiting room ¬†we got called into a room with an African male doctor we had never met, who told me that it was a cyst that hadn’t reduced in size since last time, my tumour markers were back to normal and that they probably want to just keep an eye on me and do another scan in three months. He then went to double check his plan with some consultants and came back saying actually they want to take it out. I asked if I had a choice of no surgery, he said yes it’s your body you can do what you like with it, we’ll check it in 4-6 weeks, back he went to check with the consultants and they said if I was going to refuse surgery they would do another scan in a few months. It was a bit disconserting to say the least. It also made me miss the lovely doctors I had when I was last in the hospital. Afterwards talking to Harry about the exchange he put it down to a cultural difference and I agreed but I think it was down to a cultural difference between nurses and doctors not Australians and Africans.

In any case I’m glad my tumour markers are back to normal. I have also been doing some pretty heavy¬†grieving¬†for our lost baby. I hurts a lot. It was a death of potential. The worst thing is thinking about everything that the baby could have been or imagining what its tiny ears or nose would have looked like. Imagining the joy of watching Harry fall instantly in love with our baby the moment he sets eyes on it. That’s the worst bit. It makes me broody and want to be pregnant again but it’s mainly the loss of that baby rather than a desire to have a baby right now. If I did get pregnant right now we couldn’t build our dream of becoming full time farmers because I would be to vomity to help. We couldn’t go to India to see Harry’s family next year, at least not very easily.

So I miss our baby but I’m going to have to wait a little bit longer to¬†experience¬†those longed for moments.


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Waldorf Christmas Twilight Market

So on Thursday Shanti and I finally had the long awaited for Mount Barker Waldorf School Twilight Christmas Markets.

The crowd at the market

It was really fun, not the most profitable ¬†but fun. Some friends came down and hung out with us and I got to catch up with some old friends who I have’t seen in years. I got to meet a friends baby for the first time and I got my etsy shop name out there a bit more so all in all not too bad an¬†experience.

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Sewing Day with Shanti

So yesterday I spent a lovely day down at my neighbours house working together for the Waldorf Twilight Markets tomorrow night. Here are some pictures. I can’t stay for long as I need to get back to it. ūüôā

Shanti at the sewing machine looking hot.

My empty fleecie pile. As of right now they still all need faces and fluff.

Shanti's Beautiful Necklaces

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Finished my pencil wrap tutorial. :)

So just a quick note mainly so I can take a break from the insane amount of sewing I have been doing to tell you that I finished my Waldorf Pencil Wrap Tutorial and I’m pretty happy with it. Today I also finished my friends formal dress which is actually more piratey than formal but pretty sweet anyway. Pics to follow if I can convince her to pose in her full outfit.

My Pencil Wraps

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So today was the amazing guerilla craft market.

I was lucky enough to be a seller there

don't mind the hat I have a love for silly hats.

It turned out to be an awesome experience. It was my first craft fair in fact the first time I have sold my craft anywhere. Shanti and I have been getting crafty in preparation for the Mount Barker Waldorf Christmas Twilight Fair, so when I heard of this fair last minute I thought I would try and bring along my wares. It felt really good making things for people to love.

Things I learnt from today:

  • you will never make a decent hourly wage whilst crafting it has to be for the love if it.
  • I love it.


Things I will do now because of this experience

  • start listing in my etsy shop
  • create a¬†tutorial¬†for lyra pencil holders
  • look for a regular market at which to sell

To sum up it was a good day, a very good day.

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long time no see

So its been a long time between posts. A lot has happened. I got very sick after I ate that chook and that slowly merged into what turned out to be morning sickness. We got engaged and married and a week after returning from our honeymoon I lost the baby I was 12 weeks at the time but the scan showed the baby had only made it to 8 weeks but the placenta had kept trying and had kept the pregnancy going for another 4 weeks. That has been horrible and from that turns out something is wrong with my ovary which still hasn’t been resolved, I’ll keep you updated. I love being married. I hated losing our baby.

We have been busy creating we now have a pretty comprehensive vegetable garden, I am about to do two different craft markets for Christmas. Oh and I have agreed to sew a friends formal dress we now have less that a week and haven’t done any of it.

Busy life!

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